Mary Carbonara Dances, Hamster Dance Academy


Mary Carbonara has been teaching for 27 years, working with children, young adults, adult beginners and aspiring and seasoned professionals. Mary's teaching is based on the pedagogical methods of Master Teacher Lynn Simonson, with whom she trained for nearly a decade, and incorporates aspects of the Cunningham and Horton Techniques. For her youth classes she is inspired by all her years of training and performing, as well as by the examples of master teachers Anne Green Gilbert and Sheila Kogan. 


Mary received her B.A. from Barnard College and her M.F.A. in Performance and Choreography from Mills College. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of the critically acclaimed performing ensemble Mary Carbonara Dances (founded in 2004) and is a former member of Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Robert Moses' Kin, Liss Fain Dance and Project Bandaloop. Mary has served on the boards of Robert Moses' Kin and Dancers' Group and is currently on the board of the San Francisco Dance Film Festival.


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Robert Moses

Robert Moses' Kin


Since founding Robert Moses' Kin in 1995 in San Francisco, choreographer Robert Moses has created numerous works of varying styles and genres for his highly praised dance company. His work explores topics ranging from oral traditions in African American culture (Word of Mouth, 2002), the life, times, and work of author James Baldwin (Biography of Baldwin, 2003), and the dark side of contemporary urban culture (Cause, 2004), to the nuanced complexities of parentage and identity (The Cinderella Principle, 2010), and the simple joys of the expressive power of pure movement (Toward September, 2009).


Moses has worked collaboratively with numerous artists and organizations, among them Julia Adam, Margaret Jenkins, Alonzo King, Sara Shelton Mann, Joanna Haigood, SoVoSo, Marcus Shelby, Keith Terry, Frank Boehm, Will Power, Somei Yoshino Taiko Ensemble, Bill Morrison, Ann Galjour, David Worm, Kid Beyond and Youth Speaks. Since 2008 Moses has composed original scores for several of his dances. 


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