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Summer 2018 

Workshops and Master Classes

June 4-8, 9am-4pm

Robert Moses' Kin Summer Intensive

A Day with Master Teacher Lynn Simonson

Friday, June 15



For Dance Teachers, Dancers and Somatic Practitioners


Simonson Techniqe Class


Lynn Simonson is an internationally respected educator and the creator of Simonson Technique, an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware. Simonson Technique recognizes that each student is unique and operates with individual musculoskeletal parameters. Rather than ask students to fit a pre-described ideal, they are guided and taught as to what is anatomically correct for their bodies. Through balanced alignment, deep stretching, proper muscle development and natural range of motion through the joints, the student learns to self reference a movement through sensory awareness and how it feels, not how it looks. 

Each body is unique and asymmetrical.

Recognize, explore, understand how:

  • Tight ITB (iliotibial) band, weak gluteus medius, external tibial rotation, and/or: 

  • Tibial torque challenge the clarity of a supporting leg/foot;

  • Hypertonic quads decrease hip range of motion;

  • Plus, learn & enjoy PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) muscle release for quads, hamstrings, tensor fascia lata and quadratus femoris (bottom external rotator). 

Bring a yoga mat or towel.


June 18-22, 9am-4pm

Know-It-All Performance and Process Intensive

with Mary Carbonara and Heidi Carlsen

How do you know what you know?  How can you move beyond the student mind-set and begin dancing and performing with a knowing body?  When does practice become habit? Which habits are worth breaking and which should you retain? This workshop is for adult intermediate dancers looking to invest more deeply in technique, improvisation, composition, and the development of performance skills through an investigation of their own learning, practice and self- assessment using methods from both dance and theater.


Taught by Mary Carbonara and Heidi Carlsen.

Tuition:  $350

Pre-registration is required.

Drop-In Morning Technique Only
9-11am; $20 per day

Teachers Workshop

Rescheduled TBA

A two-day workshop for teachers and aspiring teachers working with teens and adults. The focus will be on class construction - how to put together a class that includes technique, conditioning and performance skills. 

This workshop is intended to be one of mutual sharing in a laboratory setting: teachers are encouraged to try things out, share what has been successful for them, pose questions to the group and gain peer mentoring over the course of the two days. We will address various aspects of content like: healthy alignment, turn-out, range of motion, stretching and strengthening, vocabulary, expression, music, etc. We will also address teaching skills like: language, how to demonstrate, how to use/not use the mirror, how to give a correction, how to modify for different bodies and abilities, how to guide your students to work with certain injuries, etc.

Led by Mary Carbonara, Co-Director of Studio 200 with over 27 years of teaching experience and pedagogical training of new and experienced teachers through the LINES Ballet Training Program and Bates Dance Festival. Guest teachers include Erik Wagner (Ballet) and James Graham (Gaga) who will offer their own perspectives respective of their dance discipline.

No teaching experience is required. Participants should have an intermediate level of dance training (any style) or better.



Introductory Workshop

Saturday August 11, 9:30am-4:30pm

Spiraldynamik® is a combination of the art and science of anatomically correct movement.


Like a “user’s manual” to the body, it enhances our understanding of body function by explaining the physics of human movement, given the laws of nature (gravity) and the human anatomical structure.


This workshop is  basic introduction to the Spiraldynamik® principles, with special attention to leg alignment and the 3-dimensional foot. It is designed for movers of all disciplines, physiotherapists and movement instructors.

Shonach Mirk Robles is an internationally regarded Ballet and Spiraldynamik® educator and former principle dancer with Maurice Béjart.

Tuition:  $175.00 

To Register:

Please note: To register for the Robert Moses' Kin Summer Intensive,

please contact RMK directly at  All others, click below.



  • Pre-registration for all summer camps and workshops is required. 


  • Follow instructions by completing your registration forms and mailing them to the address on the forms along with your check payment at least 5 days prior to the start of your chosen camp or workshop to ensure enrollment


  • A $25 non-refundable registration fee will be added to all summer registration.

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